Be your true self

When I was 14 i found a book at home about Yoga. I read it and felt that it resonated deep within me. I wanted to know more so I read more books, I read from Patanjali's Yoga sutras, the bhagavad gita, hatha yoga pradipika and the upanishads. I don’t know how much I understood at the time but there were something about the ancient wisdom of Yoga that really helped me understand myself and the world around me.

When I was 19 I went to a workshop with my Yoga teachers teacher Ali Dashti. Ali saw that I had some imbalance in my shoulders in one Yogapose and he took me in front of the class to show everyone. Ali knew exactly what to do and say to adjust me and improve my position and my shoulders felt better right away. I was very impressed by Ali’s knowledge and his ability to see what needed to be adjusted in a position to improve alignment, It felt like magic to watch him teach. After this workshop I knew that it was Yoga that I was going to do.

I took teacher training in the Iyengar Yoga method and I also studied to become a physiotherapist as I wanted to know more about western medicine and deepen my knowledge about anatomy, physiology and rehabilitation.

Me and my wife moved from the city out to the country because we wished for more freedom, and wanted our kids to grew up in an unpolluted environment with a close connection to nature.

After graduating with my bachelor of science in physiotherapy I was offered a job as in primary health care. I was very lucky, I didn’t even apply for the job, they called me. For most of my classmates a job as physio in primary health care close to home was the dream, of course i said yes to the job.

Working as a physio I discovered that many patients were not prepared to change their lifestyle to improve their health. As I have learned from Yoga that the most important thing to make a change and reach your goals is commitment and effort this made me feel frustrated. I felt that I could not help them as much as I wanted to and I started to question if this was the right place for me to be in. So I decided to quit my job as a physio.

For me Yoga is an amazing tool to make real change in your life. Yoga has helped me to improve my physical and mental abilities, changes my view of the world and made me grow as a human being.

I believe Yoga is the best tool for me to help others. My passion is Yoga and my goal now is to share this knowledge by teaching Yoga Asanas, the way I wished someone had taught me from the beginning to help others to reach their goals.